I got what I came to uncover.

“Fatal Flaw” (Live)

A year following The Most Lamentable Tragedy, Titus released the absurdly titled S+@dium Rock: 5 Nights at the Opera. Recorded for the duration of the 5-evening stand the band undertook at Brooklyn’s wonderful Shea Stadium right away major up to the former album’s release, it is a live album that highlights the weaknesses of the rock opera it showcases, while giving it some space to breathe.

“Fatal Flaw,” already the shining light of The Most Lamentable Tragedy, is all the much more great on S+@dium Rock, with Shea Stadium giving the song a tangible energy the airbrushed studio version just doesn’t have. Exactly where Tragedy is at times as considerably “opera” as it is rock, S+@dium Rock, in its emphasis on the rock element of the equation, lets some of the strengths that went into hibernation on Tragedy cautiously re-emerge.

And however, every single final person who plays on S+@dium Rock (sans Stickles of course) has departed in just the year and a half because it was recorded. Whatever Stickles emerges with subsequent, it’ll be developed with yet an additional (aside from the return of perennial on again/off once more guitarist Liam Betson) cast of characters. And if I’ve discovered anything from following Stickles for as lengthy as I have, it is to never underestimate his capacity to surprise.

S+@dium Rock shows that for all their faults, all of their peaks and valleys, no matter who is in this merry-go-round at any given moment, Titus Andronicus will often be a unique, formidable and fearless ensemble. 

And with that my week-extended run-through of my partnership with the discography of Titus Andronicus has come to a conclusion. Prior to I depart though, a couple of thanks are in order.

First, soon after my thanks to the Academy, I have to thank Hendrik, who has supported my writing for years, and has on several occasions generously given me a enormous platform on which to share it. For my income, 1 Week // A single Band is 1 of the most outstanding anthologies of music writing on the web, and I’ll be forever grateful for the chance to contribute to it.

Second, I have to thank the “best friends” I mentioned throughout these essays: Simone and Zach. For this project, they consistently took time out of their extremely busy lives to act as my unpaid interns, copy editors, sounding boards and general consiglieres. Aside from the practicalities although, fandom of this scraggly punk band was some thing all three of us shared. Without their friendship, and all of the fantastic memories it has brought me (so a lot of of which have been soundtracked by these boys from Glen Rock), it is really unlikely that Titus Andronicus would’ve ever turn into such a permanent element of my musical consciousness.

Titus Andronicus although, became my band, the one that made music individual to me, the one that pushed me to create down my feelings about it. And for that, I largely have Simone and Zach to thank.

Take care in these rough instances, and thank you so considerably for reading.

A single WEEK // A single BAND

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