Selina Meyer Returns to Fortify an Empty Legacy in ‘Veep’ Season six Trailer

The first couple of seasons of Veep found humor in the minutiae of a politician with a enormous title — Vice President of the United States — and comparatively limited powers. The final two seasons flipped that narrative, as that politician became the most effective figure in the world — only to bring the futility of her former work to the presidential office through equivocal, pandering policies.

But Selina Meyer’s non-partisan (seemingly center-democrat) stagnancy reads as practically nostalgic amidst the current political landscape. With the 2016 election, the type of American politicking Veep satirized — by in no way expressly naming Selina Meyers’ celebration and focusing rather on her administration’s ideologically devoid opportunism — was cast into the fringes of American politics, and I’ve wondered what Veep would sink its teeth into now.

The 1st trailer for the series’ sixth season provides a glimpse into the show’s future. (Season five spoilers ahead.) At the end of Season five, Selina Meyer was unceremoniously stripped of the short-lived presidential title she earned by virtue of an unprecedented electoral tie. Now that she’s no longer in workplace, she’s attempting to fortify an empty legacy and also continuing to grapple with how sexism in politics could have hindered whatever she may possibly have been able to get accomplished.

Probably the way for a show that avoided partisan politics to not seem out of touch with a nation that is so deeply partisan is to depict Selina Meyer as an individual who’s likewise now a degree removed from Washington.

“Being an ex-president is like getting a man’s nipple. Men and women go appropriate by you to jerk off a dick,” she says at the starting of the trailer, which then delves into her quest to travel “the globe spreading democracy like patient zero.” From this clip, this new type of desperation looks just as promising as vice presidential and presidential desperation. And as usually, Julia Louis-Dreyfus’s genius continues its reign more than the show’s every movement.

Watch the trailer:


Watch: Joan Cusack and Neil Patrick Harris Wear Funny Wigs and Some Undesirable Stuff Occurs in the First Complete Trailer for ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’

Reality is a series of unfortunate events, and so alas, the 1st trailer for Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events actually looks like even a lot more of a cute diversion than all its collective misfortunes already were to start with. This is, after all, a planet exactly where your imply uncle is Doogie Howser with a prosthetic nose, exactly where youngsters understand to do chores so as not to turn into spoiled assholes, and exactly where Joan Cusack wears this fantastic judge wig, for…she plays a judge:


What could be so poor?

Certainly, several people who were kids in the 90s will come to this trailer hunting for anything to love or hate, and for these, like me, who skipped A Series of Unfortunate Events and for that reason are coming to it searching for absolutely nothing in certain, Joan Cusack in an amusing wig appears like a substantial takeaway.

But Neil Patrick Harris — as Count Olaf — also looks to be an enjoyably bumbling villain, and will inevitably be significantly less Jim Carrey-ish than Jim Carrey, so that is definitely anything. As noticed above, the trailer depicts some of his a lot of disguises.

We see Aasif Mandvi playing Uncle Monty, the always-excellent Alfre Woodard (most recently observed in yet another Netflix series — Luke Cage — as Mariah Dillard) playing Aunt Joesphine, Christopher Guest-normal (sadly missing from Mascots) Catherine O’Hara playing Dr. Orwell, K. Todd Freeman ushering the Baudelaire young children around at the beginning as the banker Mr. Poe, and Patrick Warburton narrating as Lemony Snicket. 

The series premieres on Netflix on January 13, with an eight-episode first season.

Watch the trailer:


Watch the Tense New Trailer for ‘A Separation’ Director Asghar Farhadi’s ‘The Salesman’

Asghar Farhadi, director of A SeparationAbout Elly, and The Previous, is about to release his next film, The Salesman, and a new trailer was just shared by Amazon studios. In the vein of his earlier films, The Salesman sees the lives of his characters spiraling out of control following an instance that pushes them to their limits and tests their morality. It surrounds a couple of young actors (played by Taraneh Alidoosti and Shahab Hosseini, both of whom had been in About Elly) currently playing the leads in a production of Death of a Salesman in Tehran. When the couple is forced to move out of their apartment due to construction next door, their new living predicament sees them confronting the ghosts of an old tenant’s past.

The film won Farhardi the Ideal Screenplay award at Cannes, as nicely as Very best Actor for Hosseini, and it’s been announced as Iran’s submission for Ideal Foreign Language Film at this year’s Academy Awards. (A Separation won that award in 2012.)

Flavorwire Film Editor Jason Bailey caught the film at the Toronto International Film Festival this year, and wrote:

The Salesman engages with the selections of its characters, and their consequences, with a specific urgency. That is Asghar Fahardi’s present, and it ought to not be undervalued.

Watch the new trailer:

The film will hit theaters in the U.S. on January 27.


Natalie Portman Stares Into the Abysses of Grief, Celebrity, and Politics in Very first ‘Jackie’ Trailer

It is been a week of electrifyingly great trailers — and we seem to be on the brink of a boom awesome films (after particularly meagre offerings this summer time.) There’ve already been two trailers this week (for Lucile Hadžihalilović’s Evolution and Jordan Peele’s Get Out)  that you may possibly uncover your self wanting to watch once more and again — either to guess at what the hell is actually going on in them or to merely revisit their unsettlingly intriguing aesthetics. The just-released 1st trailer (dubbed a “teaser”) for Jackie — the Natalie Portman-starring film from No director Pablo Larraín, about Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis — might depict a cultural moment and a tragedy with which most folks are at least historically familiar, but it looks like the world and emotional terrain it displays is just as strange as the worlds of some of the eerier films that’ve caught our interest this week.

The film is about Jackie O., but follows her in the days instantly after the assassination of John F. Kennedy, grounding the narrative in her interview with LIFE Magazine (only one particular week following her husband’s death), and flashing back from there.

Even though biopics are often dull vehicles for large Hollywood names to play imitation games (like, hey, The Imitation Game), Jackie has received higher praise both for Portman and for the the film itself, and Larraín’s refreshing take on the genre.

Reviewing the film for Variety, Guy Lodge wrote, “Eschewing common biopic kind at each turn, this brilliantly constructed, diamond-hard character study observes the exhausted, conflicted Jackie as she attempts to disentangle her personal perspective, her own legacy, and, maybe hardest of all, her own grief from a tragedy shared by millions.” And Flavorwire’s own Jason Bailey stated that the film is “surprisingly experimental and experiential, walking us through those most private moments, and daring us to imagine their intensity.”

The trailer depicts something as universally familiar as grief, paired with the surreal and singular knowledge of having that grief be the concentrate of the complete American population.

Watch the trailer:

The film will be released on December two.

[Via Indiewire]


Lorelai Contemplates What Amy Schumer Would Feel of Her in First Trailer for Netflix’s ‘Gilmore Girls’ Revival

What would Amy Schumer think of Lorelai Gilmore? This is a question that dominates nearly the complete of the very first trailer for Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, Netflix’s revival of the series, which will air in 4 90-minute components — 1 for every single season of the year…in the life.

The trailer sees Lorelai (Lauren Graham) and Rory Gilmore (Alexis Bledel) reunited at the dinner table, getting one particular of their renowned back-and-forths, this time about the quite “of-the-moment” comedian — producing a somewhat disorienting simultaneity of nostalgia and contemporary zeitgeist appeal. But apart from Amy Schumer now existing in the collective American cultural conscious, all else, it appears to posit, remains the very same (right): the trailer shows us that Luke’s, Lorelai’s Dragonfly Inn and Doose’s Market place are all still intact.

Watch the trailer:


New ‘Fantastic Beasts and Exactly where to Uncover Them’ Trailer Confirms Humans Are Nevertheless the Greatest Threat

Comic-Con audiences received magic wands during a Great Beasts and Exactly where to Find Them panel, where star Eddie Redmayne produced an appearance. Written by J.K. Rowling, the Harry Potter prequel finds Redmayne as a magizoologist named Newt Scamander. The film is set 70 years prior to Harry Potter reads his book in college. A new trailer emerged in Hall H, which shows us what happens when the absent-minded wizard’s suitcase full of magic beasts escape in 1920s New York. “They’re at the moment in alien terrain surrounded by millions of the most vicious creatures on the planet — humans,” says Newt in the new clip. Wonderful Beasts and Exactly where to Discover Them arrives in theaters on November 18.