Google Rumored To Be Interested In Acquiring SoundCloud, Pandora In search of Alternative Suitors To Sirius XM

Google-logoSpotfify is prepping a major IPO. But on day three of 2017, that’s currently hunting unlikely to be the year’s greatest story in music streaming. Google is reportedly sniffing around SoundCloud, even as Pandora‘s income people search for a purchaser.



Google is interested in buying SoundCloud, according to multiple sources. Although we cannot measure the accuracy of each and every of the stories that we’re hearing, there’s adequate chatter for us to believe that where there is smoke, there is actual fire.  A SoundCloud acquire would definitely finish Google’s also ran status in music streaming.

A deal for Spotify to get SoundCloud for an estimated $ 1 billion fell through late last year, following Spotify decided that becoming an even larger and more unprofitable firm did not aid its possibilities of obtaining a profitable IPO.

Pandora_2016_logo wide

Meanwhile, following rebuffing an offer from Liberty Media’s SiriusXM, Pandora’s investment bankers are reportedly sniffing around for another purchaser who would very best what is on the table. They’re also hoping that the early 2017 launch of Pandora’s Spotify competitor will increase company value.

Alongside the inevitable consolidation coming in streaming and music tech, and some scrappy startups ready to make waves, 2017 is already shaping up to be fairly a year.