Obama On Post-Election Plans: “I’m waiting for my job at Spotify”

image from pbs.twimg.comAs President Obama ends his eight years in office, he’s hinted that he’ll be functioning to rebuild the Democratic party, bringing much more millennials into the fold as activists and candidates. But at a White Property event for outgoing U.S. ambassadors, he jokingly shared his aspirations to get a job generating playlists for Spotify.


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At a White Residence reception this week, U.S. Swedish ambassador Mark Brzezinski and wife, podcast host and writer Natalia Brzezinski, shared a priceless private moment with outgoing President Obama. 

“I loved going to you in Stockholm, it was my favored trip. I program to go back there actually quickly… I am nonetheless waiting for my job at Spotify… Cuz’ I know y’all loved my playlist.”

“I am nonetheless swooning,” declared Mrs. Brzezinski on Instagram. And as my own wife is fond of saying, “we could by no means have a president or very first lady as cool or with a wonderful (musical) taste as the Obama’s.”

During his two terms the President posted numerous common Spotify playlists which includes the a single for Summer.