There’s One more Zelda Fitzgerald Film in the Works, Starring Scarlett Johansson

This previous weekend, Flavorwire posted about how Jennifer Lawrence would be playing writer/artist Zelda Fitzgerald in a film adaptation of Zelda, Nancy Milford’s bestselling biography. That project is becoming created by Ron Howard, “with an eye to direct,” according to the Hollywood Reporter, and here we are once again, now writing that Scarlett Johansson will also be playing the 20s icon in a separate project called The Gorgeous and the Damned. (Oh, and also, it should be talked about that there’s at present an amazon series — Z: The Beginning of Every little thing — in which Christina Ricci stars as Zelda Fitzgerald, in the works for Amazon — whose pilot debuted in November of last year and whose whole very first season will air in 2017.)

THR reports that this project, financed by Millennium Films, has the advantage of access granted by the Fitzgerald estate to documents transcribed in a sanatorium where Fitzgerald was getting confined. She was in and out of sanatoriums in her adult life (and died in a fire at the Highland Hospital in Asheville, NC), and was diagnosed with schizophrenia — although as Therese Ann Fowler, author of Z: a Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald (on which the Ricci series is based) emphasizes in the Telegraph:

While right now we know it to imply serious mental illness requiring delicate and frequently lifelong treatment with medicines, therapies, and at times institutionalisation, in Zelda’s time it was a catch-all label for a range of emotional issues. It was frequently applied to females who suffered depression or exhaustion brought on by not possible situations.

The transcripts recommend that F. Scott Fitzgerald took Zelda’s concepts with no accreditation — a suggestion that is been more and far more acknowledged in the previous couple of decades. Mark Gill, President of Millennium Films, mentioned in a statement:

It was the height of the Jazz Age, so you have all of that glamor and sophistication and living massive. But you also have the massive drama of fly higher, crash tough. [Zelda] was massively ahead of her time, and she took a beating for it. He stole her suggestions and put them in his books. The marriage was a co-dependency from hell with a Jazz Age soundtrack.

As described earlier, these documents aren’t the only suggestion that Fitzgerald took his wife’s tips: Zelda, as a Salon article from 2001 points out, was asked to evaluation her own husband’s novel — interestingly, the novel following which this film takes its title — The Stunning and Damned. (The novel itself is noted for its transparent fictionalized autobiographical components about their marriage.) She’d written in the overview:

It seems to me that on a single web page I recognized a portion of an old diary of mine which mysteriously disappeared shortly right after my marriage, and also scraps of letters which, though significantly edited, sound to me vaguely familiar. In fact, Mr. Fitzgerald — I think that is how he spells his name — seems to believe that plagiarism starts at house.

The screenplay for the film was written by Hanna Weg Millennium Films is now searching for a director.


Gabriella Quevedo Breaks Down Stereotypes, Talks Gear and More

If you’ve been following guitar news as of late, chances are you’ve heard of Gabriella Quevedo, a Swedish/Argentinian guitarist in her teens who’s producing waves with her awe-inspiring fingerstyle arrangements.

Naming her dad and and South Korean fingerstyle guitarist Sungha Jung as two of her greatest inspirations, Quevedo boasts an impressive YouTube and online following—and it is no surprise. 

Only two years into her guitar playing, Quevedo’s dream of sharing the stage with Jung came true right after his PR manager invited her to play on stage with him for the duration of his tour quit in Sweden. Following that, issues only got better. She’s toured all about the globe and has even played with fingerstyle guitar phenom Tommy Emmanuel. Yeah, she’s that great.

Check out her YouTube channel here and discover about how she got began under.

Very first of all, you happen to be incredible. We get goose bumps each and every time we watch your videos. Tell us a little bit about your background. Where are you from?

Thank you so much! I was born in Sweden in January 1997. My dad is from Argentina and my mom is Swedish/Argentinian. I reside close to Gothenburg in Sweden.

How long have you been playing guitar?

I started in February 2009.

You know how society assumes that simply because you are a girl and you play acoustic guitar you have to be a singer-songwriter, appropriate? How several times do you get asked if you sing, and what’s the reaction to your response?

Yes, I get that question extremely often. The reactions of individuals are various, but some folks want to persuade me to commence singing even even though I stated I’m not a singer and I do not like to sing. I play fingerstyle.

Do you create your personal songs?

No, not but, but I’m considering about doing it.

How do you learn the arrangements? Just by watching?

I find out by ear or by watching videos on YouTube.

Exactly where can people discover the arrangements you play on your videos?

I do not have tabs or notes to my arrangements. Individuals who learn my arrangements do it by listening or watching to my videos on YouTube.

What’s the hardest song you’ve ever discovered?

The hardest song I have discovered is “Landscape” by Kotaro Oshio, and proper now I’m finding out “All of Me” arranged by Laurence Juber, and it’s a bit challenging.

Aside from Sungha and your dad, who do you really feel has shaped your profession the most?

From the beginning it was only Sungha Jung, but now I’m also inspired by guitarists like Tommy Emmanuel, Kotaro Oshio and several other folks. I’m also inspired by all my fans and people about me who are supporting me all the time.

What are your most significant dreams/hopes/aspirations?

I want to tour around the planet and meet the individuals who listen to my music in individual. I also want to record a CD with my arrangements.

What are your most significant accomplishments so far?

I had a dream to meet and play with Sungha and Tommy some day, and I did it. I not too long ago started to tour and I’m receiving far more and a lot more dates. I was named the winner of the contest “Young Talents” in Uppsalas International Guitar Festival 2012 in Sweden, becoming the very first girl who won the competition.

Let’s talk gear. What guitars do you have in your arsenal?

I have a Taylor Custom GC.

Have you knowledgeable any challenges for getting a girl in music? If so, how did you deal with them?

I haven’t seasoned any challenges so far. Men and women usually encourage me.

Uncover out far more at

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