Larry Wilmore Tells Milo Yiannopoulos What the Rest of Us Are Thinking

Bill Maher’s guest Friday evening was alt-proper shit-stirrer Milo Yiannopoulos, who proceeded to tear apart Lena Dunham, Leslie Jones, feminism, the liberal media, and all the usual suspects. “You’re the only very good 1,” Yiannopoulos said to Maher, referencing liberals. “Your side has gone insane.” Even though Maher disappointingly let Yiannopoulos slide large time, Overtime guest Larry Wilmore ain’t got time for that.

For the duration of the show’s livestream segment, the former Nightly Show host let a number of “go fuck yourselfs” rip, which we think are very best viewed for yourself in the video, under. Wilmore’s words came soon after Yiannopoulos claimed transgender individuals endure from “a psychiatric disorder” and that they are “vastly disproportionately involved with sex crimes.” Yiannopoulos also insulted counter-terrorism specialist and fellow panelist Malcolm Nance. Other guests on the show integrated former Republican Georgia Rep. Jack Kingston.

Meanwhile, Yiannopoulos has been tapped as the keynote speaker at the Conservative Political Action Conference subsequent month, where Vice President Mike Pence, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, former presidential candidate Carly Fiorina, and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker will also seem — and which sounds like the worst party ever.