Instagram Launches Live Video Broadcasts, Facebook Adds Live 360

instagram liveEarlier this year Mark Zuckerberg pledged that video, particularly livem would grow to be that linchpin of Facebook and now he’s expanded his aspirations to incorporate Facebook owned Instagram.



Final month Instagram stated it would be adding reside video broadcasts, and yesterday it produced the function obtainable to all accounts.

You can only watch Instagram videos live even though they are becoming streamed – no replays. You are going to discover them within Instagram Stories by swiping into the camera location and tapping the toggle to enter “Live” mode. 

To start off a reside video:

  1. Tap in the prime left of the screen or swipe right from anyplace in Feed.

  2. Tap Live at the bottom of the screen, then tap Start off Reside Video. Your followers may possibly be notified when you start off a live video.

  3. The number of viewers seems in the best appropriate of the screen, and comments seem at the bottom. Tap Comment to add a comment, and tap and hold a comment to pin it to the prime so that viewers can see it a lot more easily.

  4. To turn comments off, tap then select Turn Off Commenting. Hold in thoughts that any keyword filters you have turned on will also apply to comments on your live video.

  5. When you are accomplished, tap End in the top appropriate then tap to confirm.

image from fbookmedia.files.wordpress.comFacebook Live 360 Video

Facebook had a big video announcement of their personal yesterday – Reside 360.  Today, Tuesday, December 13 at 12pm PT / 3pm ET, Facebook will be launching Live 360 video with National Geographic, live from the Mars Desert Research Station facility in Utah.

Reside 360 video will be accessible to much more Pages via the Live API in the coming months, and rolling out for all Pages and Profiles in 2017.


Instagram: The Best Way To Attain Music Fans

Instagram-logo-300x225If you’re curious which social media platform is the greatest a single to target fans on, it appears as although the common photosharing app Instagram might be your best bet, as a new study reveals its users are far more probably to engage with and spend funds on music.


Guest Post by Bobby Owsinski on Music 3.

Nielsen has just completed a study analyzing the habits and lifestyles of U.S. music listeners on Instagram, and the results show that if you want want to reach music lovers, that’s a single of the best platforms to use for promotion.

What was determined? Very first of all, Instagram users are large music fans, and show it with their wallets. They devote 42% more income on music and listen 30% more than the general population. In reality, the common Instagram user spends a surprising $ 269 per year on music.

What do they listen to? 41% listen to pop/Prime 40, 39% to rap and hip-hop, 33% to R&ampB, 30% to rock, 23% to country, and 13% to EDM.

IMG_3494When it comes to music consumption, a whopping 90% of Instagram customers stream music, and they’re much more than twice as probably to spend for it as well. And exactly where do they get it from? 49% get it from YouTube, 44% from Pandora (a surprise), and only 29% from Spotify. They are also 3 instances far more most likely to use Soundcloud or Apple Music.

Instagram users are also frequent reside events like concerts and clubs, and are specifically drawn to a club with a DJ. What’s more, in the course of live music event, Instagram is the #1 platform and is utilized 83% much more for sharing with concertgoers, artists and fans than any other platforms. They’re also a lot more probably to use smartphones for activities than the general population. This involves purchasing music that they hear at a concert, going to a performer’s site or social presence, calling buddies to let them hear the concert, or sharing videos of the occasion.

For positive, Instagram shouldn’t be the only social platform in your promotional arsenal, and you undoubtedly can’t ignore the other people even if most of your fans reside right here. That said, the study shows is that the platform can be quite important for reaching either your present fans, or possible ones.


How to Develop Your Band’s Instagram

Instagram_logoWith more than 300 million active users, Instagram has grow to be an extremely critical tool for self-advertising artists. In this post we examine how bands and musicians can grow their presence on the common photo sharing platform.


Guest Post by Colleen Kinsey

You can’t afford to ignore social media. It’s a cost-free way to develop your fan base and generate a bigger digital following! The most recent and greatest photo-sharing app is Instagram, which now has more than 300 million active customers. That makes Instagram bigger than Twitter!

Sure, you can use man hours to walk around the city, placing up posters, and receiving an unbecoming sunburn, but why not market your self, or your band from the comfort of your couch? Stick to these measures to get oneself in the Instagram door for cost-free!

Use your present network

Whether or not you fan base is as modest as your immediate loved ones, or you have three,000 followers on Facebook, you have individuals that you can digitally attain. Announce your Instagram account to your fans and followers through your social channels, such as: Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Vine, e-mail list, internet site, and so on. I would even suggest adding your Instagram manage on your posters and promotional products.

Post higher high quality images

521545_3576979497564_1626920468_n_zps6fdd7a67Instagram is the best instance where top quality is greater than quantity, due to the fact it is a entirely visual platform. You will see considerably better final results if you skip posting 25 images from the gig final night. Rather post five of the ideal photos you have. I suggest posting them all through the subsequent couple days, so you have the better chance of hitting a lot more customers.

Or, possibly you concentrate on images/short videos showcasing your band. Perhaps, you just bought the most beautiful, strong-wood acoustic guitar and want to show it off!

Studies show the following statistics on Instagram images:

  • Lighter images produce 24% far more likes than dark photos
  • Images with background space get 29% much more likes
  • Images with the dominate color becoming the shade of blue get 24% much more likes than red
  • Images with a single dominant color get 17% far more likes versus these with a number of colors
  • Higher levels of texture in a photo get 79% a lot more likes!

Start off Employing Hashtags

Hashtags are a way for shoppers to find topics that folks are speaking about. And the excellent point about Instagram, is the far more hashtags the greater! There is no character limit and it aids much more future fans uncover you.

You can commence utilizing hashtags by utilizing the constructed-in Instagram search functionality. It shows the recommended hashtags for you and how numerous posts on Instagram use this hashtag. Study hashtags that your neighborhood and future fans may be using. I use HashAtIt and Hashtracking to analyze the hashtags and see what’s trending.

Create your followers, but be genuine

You can’t anticipate to just post excellent Instagram pictures of your band and count on to have Instagram good results more than night. You need to have to interact with the neighborhood. You can do this by following Instagram customers that post related hashtags as you. In my private encounter, following people that are making use of the identical hashtags results in about 1 follower per 20 likes, which requires less than a minute once you get the hang of it.

Comment on other people’s photos, but mean it. When you leave a copy and pasted comment like “Great photo!” it’s not really interacting with the community. Leaving a meaningful comment and attempt to engage them with a query or compliment.

If you are playing normal gigs, or frequent various venues, find those organizations on Instagram. Then look by way of the individuals that follow the venue and request to stick to them. This will bring customers to your Instagram page!

Instagram is the most recent in social media and you can use it to market place your band! Make certain to post higher good quality images and post strategically. You can also test out what occasions of the day you are engaging your Instagram audience the most. Begin making use of hashtags to help people locate you and interact with the community!

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Guest Post Author Bio– Colleen has a passion for guitars and ukuleles. She enjoys jamming, teaching, and acquiring other people involved in music. Her web site, Coustii, focuses particularly on guitars and ukes. Colleen loves to travel and uses her ukulele as a conversation starter on the road.