Hear Jimi Hendrix&#039s Final Interview, from September 11, 1970

On September 11, 1970, NME’s Keith Allston interviewed Jimi Hendrix in England.

The interview turned out to be Hendrix’s final he died a mere seven days later—September 18, 1970—at age 27.

You can hear the entire 30-plus-minute interview under. It’s well recognized that Hendrix was set on branching out into a new musical phase in his later years, with collaborations with Miles Davis—and even Paul McCartney, apparently—in the preparing or near-planning stages.

In the interview, Hendrix is contemplative and not completely positive exactly where he’s bound next. He’s also pretty funny, as the following exchange proves:

Do you feel personally that you have sufficient cash to reside comfortably without having necessarily making more as a sort of specialist entertainer?
Ah, I don’t think so, not the way I’d like to reside, due to the fact like I want to get up in the morning and just roll more than in my bed into an indoor swimming pool and then swim to the breakfast table, come up for air and get possibly a drink of orange juice or some thing like that. Then just flop over from the chair into the swimming pool, swim into the bathroom and go on and shave and whatever.

You don’t want to live just comfortably, you wanna live luxuriously?
No! Is that luxurious? I was considering about a tent, maybe, [laughs] overhanging … overhanging this … a mountain stream! [laughs].

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