Gear Review: Nunu Devices Tweedy Bird Overdrive Pedal

A little a lot more to the right, just a little far more…Also Much! While some pedal builders aim to give you the most obtain for your buck, Nunu Devices built the Tweedy Bird to let you genuinely dial in that sweet spot just north or south of a medium overdrive.

With only two knobs, Volume and Achieve, there’s not much to explain. The pedal runs on a 9-volt battery or an external energy supply. Correct-bypass switching and hand-wired circuitry with a Germanium diode are incorporated, but paint charges additional! OK, so the Tweedy Bird looks a bit unassuming, no large deal.

Cranking up the Volume knob and keeping the Gain low, the Tweedy Bird can double as a clean enhance pushing out a good 10 or 12dB. This will support set apart a rhythm and lead tone if you are making use of a single-channel tube amp. Bumping up the Gain really helped make my Fender Blues Junior sound a small meaner.

An intriguing bit of info you do not see in numerous pedal makers’ description is, “Hey, we voiced this pedal to sound fantastic with strong-state amps too.” Of course, I’m paraphrasing.

Clip 1 sent me straight to the garage to unearth my old Peavey Bandit. Although this amp will surely outlive me, it’s difficult to uncover a middle ground among an nearly sterile clean and a lackluster overdrive channel. I start off with the Peavey’s clean sound, followed by the Nunu adding a little grit. The guitar is a Fender American Regular Strat with single-coil pickups.

Clip 2 is the very same setup, except there’s a bit far more achieve from the Tweedy Bird, and I switched guitars to a humbucker-equipped Les Paul Studio. 

Clip 3: To prove the Tweedy Bird isn’t all soft, here it is with more gain, still with the Les Paul, but plugged into a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe.

MSRP: $ 139

You can’t believe every thing you study on the Internet, but Billy Voight is a gear reviewer, bassist and guitarist from Pennsylvania. He has Hartke bass amps and Walden acoustic guitars to thank for supplying some of the finest gear on his musical journey. Require Billy’s support in generating noise for your next project? Drop him a line at

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Gabriella Quevedo Breaks Down Stereotypes, Talks Gear and More

If you’ve been following guitar news as of late, chances are you’ve heard of Gabriella Quevedo, a Swedish/Argentinian guitarist in her teens who’s producing waves with her awe-inspiring fingerstyle arrangements.

Naming her dad and and South Korean fingerstyle guitarist Sungha Jung as two of her greatest inspirations, Quevedo boasts an impressive YouTube and online following—and it is no surprise. 

Only two years into her guitar playing, Quevedo’s dream of sharing the stage with Jung came true right after his PR manager invited her to play on stage with him for the duration of his tour quit in Sweden. Following that, issues only got better. She’s toured all about the globe and has even played with fingerstyle guitar phenom Tommy Emmanuel. Yeah, she’s that great.

Check out her YouTube channel here and discover about how she got began under.

Very first of all, you happen to be incredible. We get goose bumps each and every time we watch your videos. Tell us a little bit about your background. Where are you from?

Thank you so much! I was born in Sweden in January 1997. My dad is from Argentina and my mom is Swedish/Argentinian. I reside close to Gothenburg in Sweden.

How long have you been playing guitar?

I started in February 2009.

You know how society assumes that simply because you are a girl and you play acoustic guitar you have to be a singer-songwriter, appropriate? How several times do you get asked if you sing, and what’s the reaction to your response?

Yes, I get that question extremely often. The reactions of individuals are various, but some folks want to persuade me to commence singing even even though I stated I’m not a singer and I do not like to sing. I play fingerstyle.

Do you create your personal songs?

No, not but, but I’m considering about doing it.

How do you learn the arrangements? Just by watching?

I find out by ear or by watching videos on YouTube.

Exactly where can people discover the arrangements you play on your videos?

I do not have tabs or notes to my arrangements. Individuals who learn my arrangements do it by listening or watching to my videos on YouTube.

What’s the hardest song you’ve ever discovered?

The hardest song I have discovered is “Landscape” by Kotaro Oshio, and proper now I’m finding out “All of Me” arranged by Laurence Juber, and it’s a bit challenging.

Aside from Sungha and your dad, who do you really feel has shaped your profession the most?

From the beginning it was only Sungha Jung, but now I’m also inspired by guitarists like Tommy Emmanuel, Kotaro Oshio and several other folks. I’m also inspired by all my fans and people about me who are supporting me all the time.

What are your most significant dreams/hopes/aspirations?

I want to tour around the planet and meet the individuals who listen to my music in individual. I also want to record a CD with my arrangements.

What are your most significant accomplishments so far?

I had a dream to meet and play with Sungha and Tommy some day, and I did it. I not too long ago started to tour and I’m receiving far more and a lot more dates. I was named the winner of the contest “Young Talents” in Uppsalas International Guitar Festival 2012 in Sweden, becoming the very first girl who won the competition.

Let’s talk gear. What guitars do you have in your arsenal?

I have a Taylor Custom GC.

Have you knowledgeable any challenges for getting a girl in music? If so, how did you deal with them?

I haven’t seasoned any challenges so far. Men and women usually encourage me.

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