David Byrne Is Placing Together an “Immersive Theatrical Experience” About Neuroscience

David Byrne is teaming up with Mala Gaonkar (who the New York Times describes as a “London-primarily based hedge fund manager with science and public-well being interests”) for what’s being described as an “immersive theatrical experience” about neuroscience. The project, called The Institute Presents: Neurosociety, will be presented in Pace Gallery’s Menlo Park (in the Bay Region) wing from October 28, 2016 to March 31, 2017, and encompasses a series of environments, developed by 15 influential cognitive neuroscience labs — including the California Institute of Technology, Cornell University, Harvard University, Karolinska Institutet, New York University, Princeton University, University College London and Yale University visitors, as the official site for the occasion describes, will wander through the exhibit in groups of ten, witnessing 80 minutes of, er, neuroscientific overall performance across 4 spaces containing four cognitive experiments…that’re also theater pieces, somehow, apparently.

Since surely everyone has often wondered about the type of immersive theatre, say, Caltech would make if it had to represent itself by means of the niche artistic practice created industrial by the likes of Sleep No More rather than by… being Caltech, this exhibit will be enlightening! (Although if you’re expecting to see a bunch of neurons interpretive dancing the plot of Macbeth with ’40s noir flourishes, you may possibly locate oneself disappointed.)

Per the official description:

Each and every interaction will reveal how the brain builds a subjective measure of the planet and is fundamentally guided by pragmatic issues anchored in individual experiences. These responses gradually reveal not only aspects of ourselves but also how we interact with others, frequently in counterintuitive and surprising approaches. Guests will be embodied in a doll, see their hands grow to a vast size, accurately predict election benefits of fictional politicians, witness moving objects freeze and find out how fair and trusting they are with others.

Tickets to the event are $ 45 dollars, so you don’t very need to have to be a “hedge fund manager with science and public-overall health interests” to attend.