Let’s be real y’all. I had to finish the week on this. And apologies in advance that this is a bit longer than the other posts but it’s Beyonce. Y’all can endure through it for Bey.

The Dixie Chicks are nonetheless going powerful. In 2016, the Dixie Chicks embarked on an European tour. Mom went to that. She’s a mumblemumble year old woman and she got up in the middle of the night since that is when the Dixie Chicks tickets have been going on sale in Glasgow and dammit, she was going to see them. Of course, her and dad did other touristy explore the UK &amp Scotland sort of factors (and it was their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary so they had an excuse to go to Europe in the initial spot), but Mom nonetheless jokes that she went to Scotland just to see the Dixie Chicks. By means of a superb coincidence, she saw them perform on her birthday so THANKS MOM, there’s no way on Earth I’ll ever be in a position to top the fricken Dixie Chicks as a birthday present. As for the concert, she had SUCH A Great TIME and purchased herself a sweet t-shirt.

A couple of weeks later, they started on a US tour. And, significantly less than a month ago, they performed on the CMAs with Beyonce, singing her song “Daddy Lessons” from her most recent album Lemonade.

Sidenote: check out the most recent episode of the podcast Switched On Pop for very good appear at the modern nation/hip-hop genres with a short detour into the controversy surrounding “Daddy Lessons.” But to sum up the ‘controversy’? A variety of critics fundamentally told Beyonce to keep in her lane with regards to nation music, conveniently ignoring the truth that a: the nation/pop and nation/rock crossover are definitely factors so why shouldn’t country/r&ampb be one, b: Darius Rucker and Taylor Swift’s present music careers exist due to the sole reality that they didn’t stay in their lane, and c: the criticism is heavily coded in racial rhetoric which implies that black men and women shouldn’t carry out country music. That racial rhetoric got blown up into Full VIEW in the comments of any post detailing this efficiency.

Hilariously, some of the comments are along the lines of “I help the Dixie Chicks but I’m SO DISAPPOINTED IN THEM for performing with Beyonce since she supports Black Lives Matter.” Don’t forget 2003? When everyone was hating on the Dixie Chicks for expressing an opinion that was contrary to the country music norm? Boy bye, cease with that hypocritical nonsense.

The Chicks had performed “Daddy Lessons” prior to, covering it at concerts. I don’t know who created the arrangements and who did the asking to get this efficiency set up but it was simply a single of the highlights of the CMAs, showing the Chicks in their element: rocking it out on a stage, getting a blast, surrounded by female friendship and togetherness. That bit exactly where Beyonce and each of the Chicks take their turns with “Texas” is downright magical, and the look on everybody’s faces throughout the complete performance warms my heart. Not only can you inform that they’re actual pals who really like every single other but up on this stage, performing, these 4 females are obtaining the TIME OF THEIR LIFE. It is excellent to see that even following all the shit they’ve been through, the Dixie Chicks nevertheless have that unbridled and undiminished enjoy for singing and performing. But I don’t want to speak about “Daddy Lessons.” I want to speak about the brief turn to “Long Time Gone” in the middle of the efficiency.

Don’t forget that song? I talked about it a few days ago, it is the one particular where the Chicks particularly call out contemporary nation music. Not only is it a short nod that the Dixie Chicks HAVE been a extended time gone from nation music, but they particularly chose the lyrics that I quoted in my earlier post in the snippet performed: “they sound tired but they don’t sound Haggard, they got money but they do not have Cash.”  Could this be study as yet another attack against the country music market, an business that enforced a years extended boycott against the Dixie Chicks for exercising cost-free speech, as effectively as an industry that nevertheless runs rampant with racism and misogyny? An sector that, even at the 2016 CMA awards, shut out female, queer, and poc performers from the nominations and wins? God, I hope so. And God, it wouldn’t surprise me if it was. No matter what you read into it, the fact remains that even now in 2016, more than ten years right after the controversy with regards to Bush, the Dixie Chicks nevertheless haven’t shut up. And man, I hope they by no means do.

I want to thank Hendrik and thank the rest of y’all for letting me create about the Dixie Chicks this week. It is been a blast and I’ve had so a lot exciting diving into late 90s, early 2000s female-fronted country for OWOB however once again. Shoot me a tweet at katiebeluga if you want to speak about the Dixie Chicks, the state of contemporary nation music, or anything else. And lastly? Be excellent, y’all. Be good, hold on trucking, and in no way shut up.

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